Proof of concept

July 26, 2007

Currently still working on a proof of concept. Work is progressing. I think I’ve fully mastered QtDesigner, so things are starting to go a lot smoother.

On the other hand I’ll take Ant over CMake any day.


A number of people have commented on the report saying they would like to keep the advanced settings available in the current KDE dialog. Let me start by saying I have no intention to reduce the number of settings just to make the dialog simpler. My goal is to give access to all settings in a way that will make the dialog simpler.

That being said, I’ll write some more about my progress. I’m currently trying to design a prototype of the dialog in KDevelop. Coming from a Java background, Qt is pretty straightforward. The documentation at and is very, very good. The only thing I’m missing is a page like A visual guide to Swing components: a quick (visual) overview of all components along with code examples, api documentation etc. I get the feeling that this information for Qt is spread out over a number of websites.

Another thing I noticed is the quality of QtDesigner. I’ve tried the Eclipse Visual editor thingy and the Netbeans Matisse editor, but always ended up doing the ui by hand. Because GridBagLayout isn’t as hard as it looks… But not with QtDesigner and KDevelop. The visual editor is good.