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KDE Printing dialog proposal v0.2


Work on the report

July 10, 2007

Yesterday I realized I hadn’t included the Vista printing dialog in my research. The reason? Simply because I don’t own a copy of Vista nor does anyone in my house (you can decide for yourself whether this is a good or a bad thing). Anyway, I’m going to visit my nephew this afternoon to have a look at their printing dialog.

The discussion of the Mac OS X and Adobe Acrobat (on Mac and Linux) printing dialogs is finished. I already have about 7 pages, but it’s filled with screenshots, so it’s not that much.

So now I only have to do the XP, Vista and the Gnome print dialogs and I’m done. The mockups are already finished, so they can be included at the end without any work. I will probably have to fight LaTeX some more to get the screenshots on acceptable positions

I am currently working on a report about printing dialogs. The report will present the design I propose for the KDE print dialog. It will discuss a number of printing dialogs used by other major desktop environment, operating systems or applications.

The report is going well. Writing the text is not that hard, most of the ideas and results where allready there. Gathering screenshots for all the different dialogs is proving a bit harder, but nothing that cannot be done.

Tomorrow the report should be finished. I will make it public on this blog as a PDF file. My main hope is for the report to spark some discussion about my proposal and print dialogs in general. I am not a usability expert, so input from other people is all I have next to my own experience.