Version 0.2 of my report

July 11, 2007

Here it is. Let the discussion begin…

KDE Printing dialog proposal v0.2


13 Responses to “Version 0.2 of my report”

  1. Alex Merry Says:

    Have you tried emailing a link to your report to the usability people (kde-usability@kde.)?

    If a simplified version of the dialogue is available, users should not have to click “more options” every time they use the dialogue if they regularly change settings.

    I like the idea of an SVG image giving an indication of some of the options selected. Perhaps a tooltip can summarise the options selected on that tab.

    Some printers (particularly under CUPS) have a lot of options. How will the tab system cope with that? The dialogue may have to grow substantially to accommodate the tabs.

  2. tom deblauwe Says:

    I think it is very good to have a simple one

    like what do you want to know when printing the most? what printer, and the paper format(a little preview).
    Then of course you have an extra button for the extra options in a separate window, also with live preview(not a new live preview but the existing one in the window with the ‘extra options’ button).
    I think the difference between settings you change temporarily and which settings affect the defaults for printing should also be very clear. for example that you know that you are not setting your default to landscape if you only want to print out this one page in landscape.

    These are just my thoughts, so your proposal is very close to what I would want 🙂

  3. liquidat Says:

    I very much like the preview button! I never thought of that, but could be incredible helpful.

  4. jazzuban Says:

    How about gathering some print dialog usage statistics?

    I normally only use a few options and I’d like to have them readily available in one place, instead of hunting for them in various lists/tabs/dialogs:

    1. Landscape / Portrait
    2. Print Quality [Draft / Hi-Quality]
    3. Borders [I try to cram the output into fewer pages].

  5. Alexander Larsson Says:

    The gnome dialog you persent is the old gnome-print dialog. The new one is the one in Gtk+. Try File->print in e.g. evince to see it.

  6. me Says:

    Are KDE4’s file configuration tab’s on a sidebar or a horizontal bar? because I think the print dialogue should try to fit in, even if you have to give up on the overview icons (great idea btw)

    Live previews: pure genius!

    However I think the top section was done better in KDE3, rather than having two drop down menus for printer and preset options it had one with a tree view of printers and their associated presets. This is faster than two menus and it left free room to display details about the printer (type, location and a comment), I found those details useful and would like to see them in KDE4. I also think the file dialogue for PDF printing belongs in the top secton.

    Also I’d like to know if you plan to support all the options that the current KDE print dalogue dose. Like print scheduling and CUPS tags?

  7. dan Says:

    Hey looks like some great work! Glad to see the print dialog getting some love, as something that can cause immeasurable suffering; its something used often enough and in enough places that it deserves a good UI. (Plus the pain of sending a print job with the wrong layout/etc. is very big; there is no Undo button on a piece of paper)

    The icons for current settings sounds like a really cool idea, maybe you could tie it in with presets? Instead of a combo box, maybe you could pick which preset just using icon representations of the presets? (And preset configuration would have to be easy to let this work)

    Very cool stuff, keep it up!

  8. Borker Says:

    As another poster said, my most commonly used print options include landscape -vs- portrait and borders.

    I’m really impressed with the amount of research you’ve put in. Reviewing what works and doesn’t work from other environments and trying to incorporate the best bits and dodge the worst bits seems a pretty sensible way to go.

    Maybe a poll advertised on the dot or something asking people to rate their most frequently used printer options would yield some interesting results?

  9. mark Says:

    what would be very cool, if you could design the KDE-Print dialog in a way that it implements my wish
    or makes it easier for other to implement it. The basic idea of this wish is that the printer dialog is able to collect prints from different sources and that it is able to reorder and delete single pages so that it can be printed in this way (mostly) is possible to create a PDF out of this. I now that is much more then you are planing to do, but may be you could have this in consideration of the design, so that other developers can implement it.
    When you read this, it may be difficult to follow, since it is difficult to express this wish in English. You may then want to have a look at:
    Fineprint is a windows extension which does exactly what I wish 🙂

  10. ben schleimer Says:

    This is really nice work.
    My only problem is the standard of the icon list down the left side. The problem is there can be alot of different option groups added by CUPS.

    So maybe make it list depending on how the user uses them. By default, each option will be used 0 times. As the user begins to change the settings, update the count for each setting group and save it. Then whenever the dialog is used after that, display the most used setting first, second second, etc… maybe you’ll need a secondary ordering based on name or default ordering.

    Another alternative is to use a grid of icons instead of the list down the side and make each setting group a dialog.

  11. Vlad Blanton Says:

    It’s also important to remember that professional printing jobs are also done with kde print. All options must be available in some way somewhere within the interface. There is a wide user base, and a survey (on the dot, in the blog, etc) would only give us a small slice of use statistics.

  12. Vlad Blanton Says:

    btw, great work!

  13. Roman Says:

    Great work!

    The most I appreciate the good configurability of KDE. On one hand, one is interested in a very simple printer interface, on the other hand it is somehow nice to have the ability to configure as much as the printer allows. I hate to simple interface, where I can’t use all the options which I need.

    I think the approach of a 3-tab dialog is very convenient. But maybe an ‘advanced button’ can be included there, where a big dialog appears showing all available options…

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